Learn Advanced Vocabulary through Etymology

Building our word power is usually boring and painful –  filled with context-less memorisation of words from word lists. This is just plain torture. A better way is to learn Advanced Vocabulary through Etymology and Roots words: this makes learning words fun, relevant and meaningful. 

Etymology will supercharge your vocabulary.

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With the free Etymology flashcards you get:

Over 400 Advanced Vocabulary words

Illustration of their respective Etymological roots and their meaning

Definitions of each word with their contextual usage

Want to learn these with me?

I’ve designed the Advanced Vocabulary through Etymology course to make learning words fun, relevant and meaningful. 

This course will take you through about 500 high-impact advanced level English words. We’ll discuss their origins, their associated roots and words that relate to them. This will effectively expand your vocabulary by a few thousands words, if done right!

Who can benefit from the Advanced Vocabulary course? 

This course is designed for those who want to upgrade their English, improve their communication skills and do really well in standardised test such as the GRE, GMAT, SAT and CAT.

If you’re someone who looks at words and asks, “I wonder why this word means what it means!”, this course is definitely for you! 

You will also fine-tune your communication skills through this course by learning how to use precise words for specific scenarios instead of using a bunch of not-so-specific words to roughly describe the idea you want to convey! 

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500+ High value words discussed through word roots and themes.

Chapter-wise quizzes and activities to revise and test your understanding.

Illustrated flashcards as part of additional content to refer and review. 

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